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More than zeroing in what to do next in your business, you need a team to help you stay focused on your projects, finish what you started and actually do the techy stuff for you!
So let's cut to the chase 
  • I have been my own boss since 2002 earning not only a living but a life
  •  I have turned around in less than 2 years companies swallowed in multimillion dollar-debt 
  •  I built a very close to 6-figure a year online fitness business in 2 years without adding education and without prior experience in that industry, which allowed me to ditch the corporate rat race.  
And this is your invitation to allow me take you through the process of creating & implementing the blueprint to launch the ONE idea that will move you forward.
No more dabbling, wasting time and losing focus for lack of strategy
I will roll up my sleeves and do this with you! 
What if I said 

“Want me to give you my project planner
And while we are at it, because it’s in there anyway,

do you want me to create a template for you for
the 5 most important web-pages that you need?

“And by the way, I will connect the core technology that you need!

Let’s say the 2 of us sit down, dig deep into your dream business and
I map with you all the steps?!

As if I would do it for me!

I will give you everything I’ve got including a 12 week implementation project plan to achieve your business goals by objective!

What would you say to that?
Clarification, I would help you with all the techy stuff but this is your business.

However, I am NOT offering “coaching”, not even consulting.

We are not going to be chatting about fluff or motivation or advice,


Yes, together we are going to implement and monetize!

What you get in this 1:1 experience with me
CLARITY questionnaire/ BiZ ASSESSMENT:
So that I can understand your big goals and dreams before getting started.
We will make key decisions and you will receive a list of task and action items after that call by email.
My team and I will work non stop to implement everything that we agree on during our Power Hour Call. And will follow up with you to assure that we have everything we need to get to your BIG GOAL!

A 12-week project plan
will be email to you after our  initial 2 sessions working together.

You will be able to complete implementation and use it as a template for any other project launch.
What you get in this 1:1 experience with me
  • You wanted help right? A team maybe?
  • This is not one of those programs where an expert tells you what to do and then you have to google ½ of the information and hire more help,
  • I will be doing critical work with you and for you!
  • So that you can START MAKING MONEY and START FREEING SOME TIME to do what you love and do best!!!

You may be thinking, "OK but what does it include specifically?"
Everyone is different but some of the most common project plans include:
  • Hands-on VIP done-for-you service as outlined above
  •  Brand Audit
  •  Social Media Presence Audit
  •  Facebook Ads Set up
  •  5 Built for your webpages  
  •        1. Opt-in Page
  •        2. Thank you
  •        3. Sales page 
  •        4. Order page (depending on platform, this is where customers payments are integrated)
  •        5. Confirmation page
  •  Integration with your email service provider 
  •  Website structure to grow   
  •  Website - Home Page & About Section 
  •  Copy review and feedback of your nurturing email sequence
AGAIN everyone is different and this is an example, but I know you want to know how far we could go.

HOWEVER, my GOAL for you is the same:
You are going to launch your offer in 12 weeks as the industry leader that you are!
We will crunch the numbers to make it work.
*Please only book a session if you are serious about having a thriving business and have the ability to financially take part in the program.
30 Days to Learn & Apply It Money Back Guaranteed
  • Prior experiences have left you without hope and skeptic? 
  • I totally understand! I have been there before.
  • So, I want to give you the opportunity to get started, into action, and implement my framework for yourself.

  • For one-to-one coaching or consulting engagement services only 50% is refundable within the first 30 days of the purchasing transaction; and 100% refund on coaching or consulting services is only available within the 7 days of purchase. 
  • If you had your first coaching call within the first 7 days, $300 will be deducted from the amount paid.
  • If by day 30 from purchasing transaction you believe this program is not for you, you need to send to
    (A) scanned copies of your Clarity Questionnaire filled out,
  • (B) scanned copies or print screens of 2 consecutive weeks of your Perfect Week Flow filled up -AND-
    (C) you must have attended at least 2 power hour sessions.

  • This will serve as proof that you tried my method and for some cosmic reason didn't work for you; and I’ll be happy to return the investment.
  • Yes, you DO have to do the work.
  • This VIP Intensive with DOne-for-you-Services is for professional entrepreneurs who are committed to implementing new reliable-modern-productive systems into their business as the visionaries they are.
  • THIS IS NOT for slackers (aka tire kickers) interested in collecting more information and see if they find some type of trick, silver bullet or magic sauce.
  • My team and I will be strict on this last point - you absolutely must do the work and put the strategies into action to be eligible for a refund.
  • There’s so much transformation waiting for you on the other side of this program, and since my #1 goal as your coach is your success, I HAVE TO GIVE YOU SOME TOUGH LOVE FROM THE GET GO.
  • Your Productivity Enabler,
  • Karem E. Mieses, MST
  • Productivity Expert | Change Agent | Organization Ninja‬‬
2017 KEMM Group LLC
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