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12- week online business coaching program for you, solo-entrepreneur who is tired of the busy work, and are ready to set the systems necessary to launch your next (or first) idea into a profitable offer confidently.
Are you a multi-passionate, idea-making machine who needs to zero in that "one thing" to profit?
  • Are your ideas, combined with halfway trying, getting in the way of profitability?
  • ​Do you want to live with the perks of being your own boss? ( a day off?)
  • ​Have you been wanting to add a new income stream launch your business for awhile?
  • ​Are you tired of having clients, opportunities, & sales slip based on lack of execution?

You need more than luck & magic to get it done; 
you need clarity & direction to stick to your guns 
and systems in place to turn you into a productivity machine!  

Have the successful, thriving, profitable business that you deserve
and STOP dabbling, wasting time and losing focus from lack of strategy.

In this productivity program, you will get more done in these 12-weeks than you did all year. 
You will be putting productivity systems in place, which will allow you to launch your next profitable offer with a reliable system.

You will get the feedback to implement the systems that work for you.

You will know what your next step should be every step of the way.

You will have the confidence to explain to everyone what you do! (even the skeptics in the family)

Do you want to make some serious changes in your life and your business?
It’s time to sit down and get organized to set your productivity machine in motion.
Find time, peace, & freedom to work simply and live fully.
Reclaim your life!
Productivity Expert
Change Agent
Organization Ninja‬‬
My name is Karem Mieses, and I have been a Productivity Consultant for corporations for more than two decades. I have turned companies around from bankruptcy to profit. Not only have I been able to start up and sell for profit multiple businesses, but in the past four years, I‘ve been helping passionate entrepreneurs launch their businesses from their garages and kitchen tables.
As a mom of 3 young boys, the more that I tried to accomplish professionally, the more my personal life spun out of control. I became THAT mom who is so scatter and busy with work that was missing all my kids firsts, not enjoying vacations & getting unhealthy by the second. Constantly flying by the seats of my pants was exhausting!
It took me four years to get out of living in numbness and start living. I hit rock bottom not only with acute postpartum depression, and with 50 pounds of extra weight, but with a business that I dreaded going to. I felt, as though, I was not portraying what my firm stood for.
In my quest to get my life balanced, I developed a system to control the use of my time. I did this by establishing systems that allowed me to do more of the things that matter (without exhaustion).
To date, I have proudly worked with entrepreneurs, just like you. I have been teaching them this system to help them become not only more productive but
happier and content because they have achieved success on their terms.
“Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.” 
 — Jack Welch
Idea 2 Profit
My signature system is made to organize your mind and your life so that you can select confidently one awesome idea and launch it into a profitable business!

How is this different?  You will have back your nights and weekends of freedom, while reinventing yourself, because you will do this over a solid foundation where your life priorities cannot be sacrificed.

This online coaching program, is the result of everything that I’ve learned, applied, and have taught for the past 2 decades. I have perfected & duplicated it over the past 4 years, to help entrepreneurs move from overwhelmed & cluttered businesses to controlled & purposeful businesses that work for them

You might be thinking… 

“That sounds nice, but when? How? I barely have time as is”
In 10 to 15 minute sessions that you can consume at your own pace, Idea2Profit teaches you the framework to carve time to set the systems that will free you. Every session have strategies that you will be able to implement immediately to bring your projects to life.

It will move you from chaos and overwhelm, to conquering your time and having positive results. 

You will learn to unlock your full potential through organizational habits, focus & decluttering techniques, and practical tools to launch your Big Ideas into solid offers.

Idea2Profit will help you set the habits that will allow you make the decisions & set the systems that will free you. 

No more hussle.

Do you believe that you are capable of having an IMPACTFUL business but for some reason all these ideas get in your way?
Then, it’s time to get focused. It’s time to to create a productivity system, which will allow you to launch your BIG IDEA as a winning offer on your schedule. 

It’s time to put this in place using Idea2Profit.

  • Reduce procrastination by prioritizing effectively
  • ​Increase focus by identifying and working on the vital activities that produce 80% of positive results 
  • ​Overcome overwhelmed by taking ownership of your choices 
  • ​Take control of your life & business by working effectively & efficiently 
  • ​Obtain balance in your life to allow more time to create memories with your friends & family. 
  • ​Blueprint the launch of your first offer with a reliable & duplicable system
Step by step system to attain your perfectly productive week
Selecting the right focusing techniques for you.
Setting a 90-days action plan to turn your Big Idea into a winning offer!
Blueprint: all the activities that will make your Big Idea into a Business in the right order!
Module 1 - Foundation for Success
  • Guided self-assessment to identify your real priorities, your non-negotiable activities, and your current roadblocks 
  • ​Guided self-assessment to identify areas that are working and areas that need improvement. 
  • ​Designing your productive day, week and months to make it all happen
  • ​Setting your productive environment for success

Module 2 - Your Big Business Idea
  • ​Get powerful, fearless, clarity to help you move out of the space of inaction and indecisiveness. 
  • ​Zeroing in that one thing that will jump start your business.
  • ​Validate your BIG IDEA against what you really want, what the market dictates and your finances.
  • Set and validate the goals that are congruent with your area of focus.
Module 3 - Profit Clarity 

  • Outlining the tasks required to complete each project and the time each one will take while getting your profit expectations and expenses right.
  • ​Let’s talk money and outsourcing! You will be able to creating a budget to make your plans possible. 
  • Delegate or Crash?! The best practice is delegating. Even when you are on a budget, which I know and hope you have. You still need a team! Even if your “team” is apps and software. You NEED it, in the beginning, to be the best CEO of your life. Select at least ONE delegation system from inside the Idea2Profit Tool box to implement. It will change the way your business and life runs.
Module 4 - The Online Business Blueprint
  • Understanding the 30,000 feet high view of your business and how all the pieces work together.
  • ​You will be able to describe your business vision and how the online world of traffic and conversions applies to you.
  • ​Design your online platform with to attract the right tribe that will convert into raving fans and customers
  • ​Outline the 6 components of your lead generation machine, aka your sales funnel. 
  • ​Design and set in motion your 12-week project plan to launch your Idea2Profit
Module 5 - Getting the Project Plan Launch Ready
  •  Technology consideration for smooth implementation
  •   As you move to implementation changes and life will happen. In this module you will find the knowledge and resources to adjust your plans and move forward with implementation.
8 group coaching calls to help you implement!

  • Clients that participate in coaching calls have overall better result because they get feedback and an action plan in the call.
  • ​Eventhough this framework has been proven successful in different industries and market conditions, everyone is different. When you participate on the calls, we can address together tyour specific situation and move forward faster.
CLARITY questionnaire/ BiZ ASSESSMENT:
So that I can understand your big goals and dreams before getting started.
We will make key decisions and you will have a list of task and action items after each call. 
We all have the best intentions towards our goals and I understand that life happens, so you have on-demand & unlimited access to your materials.
Bonuses Vault

  •  Private Group in Slack (productivity app) - curated community to keep you accountable and motivated through this process of change and newness. 
  • Content Creation & Planning template in Trello (productivity app)  - creating content to build your list while you are redesigning and launching a business will never be easier than with the Content Creation and Planning map that I've created for you.
  • Idea2Profit 90 Day Project Plan in Trello (productivity app) - the complete course on implementation mode will be available to you in a format that will make it super easy to stay focused alway on the very next step until you launch your business offer. This tool is productivity as it finest, because you will save hours of trying to get organized.  

When you add all that up, that's a total value of $2,956
You get it all TODAY for only $1,249
(Including the limited time bonuses)

Access to the recorded classes & group coaching calls in a central website, so you can refer back to anything and ask me questions.
8 group coaching calls, private online group and productivity hacks videos so that you power through even when you don't feel like it.
Exclusive content management system training so that you can start building your audience or keeping what you have build while we work on your back-office.
2 additional 1:1 business coaching sessions with me to create to brainstorm your ideas and set your plan into motion and to get you on track as we complete all milestones.
On the fence? Book a Strategy Call to help you decide if Idea2Profit is the right next step for you.
Access to digital library with you 5 modules, worksheets and resources
Bi-Weekly Q&A Sessions and Daily Support Monday thru Friday
Connect with amazing people on the same path to success.
Private Group for accountability inside our app to stay focused!
Who's Idea2Profit for?
  • Multi-passionate, idea-making machine who needs to zero in that "one thing" to profit
  • ​ Entrepreneurs juggling work & starting a business but stretching themselves too thin 
  • ​Serial multi-taskers that have many projects started and none nearly completed 
  • ​Business owners that have been seating on revenue diversification for more than 6 months 
  • ​Specialists that know their craft but need an overhaul in direction & productivity habits to unleash their inner CEO 
  • ​Those who are great at completing tasks and projects for others but not for yourself 
  • ​Online course hoarders that are ready to put what they’ve learned into action 
Who's Idea2Profit NOT for?
  • If you are looking to learn more information do not enroll. This course is intended to implement and take action. 
  • ​If you have a know-it-all attitude do not enroll. This framework works for those with open minds and willing to implement and experiment with them in real life.  
  • ​If you are looking for a “secret” to success or “magical” money-making tricks and tips do not enroll.  
  • ​If you cannot schedule 30 minutes of your time per day, up to at-least 3 times per week to go through the material and implement do not enroll. 
What are people inside the Academy saying?
Idea2Profit is for you if you answered "Yes" to these

  • ​Are you putting out fires out every day and sometimes forgetting even what day of the week it is? 
  • ​Are you overwhelmed with too much to do and no time to do it?
  • ​Are you stressed and frustrated about a current circumstance (i.e.: relationships, business, workspace, workload, home, surroundings, etc.)? 
  • ​Do you feel like you’re settling but want to accomplish more? 
  • ​Do you know you need to offload work, but you’re not sure where to start or who to trust? 
Wouldn't it be freaking awesome to 
  • ​Have the weekend off! Like closing your computer on Friday and not open it again until Monday!
  • ​Enjoying downtime to do whatever the heck you want!  
  • Pssst need ideas? I.e training for that race, the dance class, yoga, dinner with friends, playing with your kids, paddle-boarding, date night...
  • ​Move your life forward with consistent progress every week!  
  • ​Have fierce clarity on your next step every day 
  • ​Have a knowledgeable person giving you feedback every step of the way! 
  • ​Finally have things DONE!
This is your time to get more done within 8 weeks than you have finished in the past year  through Idea2Profit 
-and to actually launch your scheduled offer!-
One final note, 
  • If you don’t want to be in the same place that you are right now a month from now, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year from now, you have to decide to do something completely different than what you have been doing. Take action

     I learned this the hard way. I wish someone gave me the steps, in the right order, to live a Purposeful-Productive-Life where now, my perseverance has paid off.
  • ​Stop doing the busy work. 
  • ​Start doing intentional, purposeful work. 
  • Make your next BOLD move. Let’s get you started on the right track .
On the fence? Book a Strategy Call to help you decide if Idea2Profit is the right next step for you.
30 Days to Learn & Apply It Money Back Guaranteed
Still undecided?
Have prior experiences left you without hope and skeptic?
I totally understand! I have been there before.
So, I want to give you the opportunity to put Idea2Profit into action and implement my framework for yourself.
You have 30 days from the day of your official enrollment to go through the training, do the homework, implement the systems, and plan your launch!
Nevertheless, when one-to-one coaching is rendered only 50% is refundable within the first 30 days of the purchasing transaction; and 100% refund on coaching services is only available within the 7 days of purchase.
Which means that, if you purchased A: Business Coaching Option, only 50% is refundable within the first 30 days and 100% refund is only available within the 7 days of purchase. If you had your coaching call within the first 7 days, $300 will be deducted from the amount paid.
If by day 30 from purchasing transaction you believe this program is not for you, you need to send to (A) scanned copies of the worksheets in Modules 1 through 4 filled up and
(B) scanned copies of 3 weeks of your Perfect Week Flow filled up
This will serve as proof that you tried my method and for some cosmic reason didn't work for you; I’ll be happy to return the investment.
Yes, you DO have to do the work.
Idea2Profit is for professional entrepreneurs who are committed to implementing new reliable-modern-productive systems into their business as the visionaries they are.
THIS IS NOT for slackers (aka tire kickers) interested in collecting more information and see if they find some type of trick, silver bullet or magic sauce.
My team and I will be strict on this last point - you absolutely must do the work and put the strategies into action to be eligible for a refund.
There’s so much transformation waiting for you on the other side of this program, and since my #1 goal as your coach is your success, I HAVE TO GIVE YOU SOME TOUGH LOVE FROM THE GET GO.
Your Productivity Enabler,
Karem E. Mieses, MST
Productivity Expert | Change Agent | Organization Ninja‬‬
On the fence? Book a Strategy Call to help you decide if Idea2Profit is the right next step for you.
2017 KEMM Group LLC
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