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  • Unlimited access to all the modules and call recording in our membership site - $1249
  •  Organized your files, aka, digital assets - $149 value
  •  Emptying and managing your inbox - $99 value
  •  Organizing your expenses - $149 value
  •  Content creation system with delegation options - $297 value
  •  Your next profitable offer in action mapped in 2 one-to-one consulting sessions 60 minutes each - $999 value
  •  4 group coaching calls to give you feedback on implementation - $300 value
  •  6 weeks of feedback in our Private Facebook Group & unlimited access to connect, learn & get inspire with likeminded entrepreneurs. - $499 value
Module 1 - Foundation for Success 

- Guided self-assessment to identify your real priorities, your non-negotiable activities, and your current roadblocks
- Guided self-assessment to identify areas that are working and areas that need improvement.
- Designing your productive day, week and months to make it all happen
- Setting your productive environment for success
Module 2 - Your Big Business Idea
- Get powerful, fearless, clarity to help you move out of the space of inaction and indecisiveness.
- Zeroing in that one thing that will jump start your business.
- Validate your BIG IDEA against what you really want, what the market dictates and your finances.
- Set and validate the goals that are congruent with your area of focus.

Module 3 - Profit Clarity
Outlining the tasks required to complete each project and the time each one will take while getting your profit expectations and expenses right. 
- Let’s talk money and outsourcing! You will be able to creating a budget to make your plans possible.
-  Delegate or Crash?! The best practice is delegating. Even when you are on a budget, which I know and hope you have. You still need a team! Even if your “team” is apps and software. You NEED it, in the beginning, to be the best CEO of your life. Select at least ONE delegation system from inside the Idea2Profit Tool box to implement. It will change the way your business and life runs.

Module 4 - The Online Business Blueprint
- Understanding the 30,000 feet high view of your business and how all the pieces work together.
- You will be able to describe your business vision and how the online world of traffic and conversions applies to you.
- Design your online platform with to attract the right tribe that will convert into raving fans and customers
- Outline the 6 components of your lead generation machine, aka your sales funnel.
- Design and set in motion your 12-week project plan to launch your Idea2Profit

Module 5 - Getting the Project Plan Launch Ready
- Technology consideration for smooth implementation
- As you move to implementation changes and life will happen. In this module you will find the knowledge and resources to adjust your plans and move forward with implementation.

 I want to give you EVERY opportunity to put Idea2Profit into action and implement my System for yourself.That’s why I’m giving you a FULL MONTH to go through the program, keep up with the assignments, implement the systems, and have the plan for your next offer ready to launch!
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